Reporting Pot Holes and information

Submitted on 04 June 2018 by Emma Coleman

Staffordshire County Council is the authority responsible for the maintenance of the highways. There is an on line reporting system if you wish to make them aware of an issue.


Report the issue online here

or download the "MyStaffs" App here 

The MyStaffs App provides access to all your council services in one place, from just a tap of a button. From highways issues, to registering a birth, from school term dates to health and care information, this app puts everything you need in your hands.

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Information that's relevant to you

Upon downloading the app, you will be asked if you want to receive local information. Selecting 'yes, please' will then ask you to enter your postcode. Entering your postcode means the app and it's information will be customised but also restricted to your local district.

If you select 'no, thanks', you will join the Staffordshire County Council profile. You can still select your district or the area you wish to find information about within this profile.