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Anglesey Parish Council is a non-political elected body forming the first tier of Local Government.

The Parish Council has the same status as a Town or City Council, and both are sometimes knows as “Local Councils”. As Councillors, we represent you, the elector and resident in the Parish.The Council comprises eleven members, acting rather like the Board of a Company. All Councillors work on a voluntary basis. No Councillor has the right to act individually; the authority of the Council comes from the body as a whole.

The Council is reponsible for the Allotment Site at the end of Cambridge Street.

The Clerk, as the "Proper Officer" of the Council in law, has a number of specific duties and responsibilities in executing the resolutions of the Council and advising on points of law and procedure. In Anglesey Parish the Clerk is also the "Responsible Financial Officer" and the Allotment Officer.




Latest News

Notice of European Election

15 April 2019

Notice of the European Elections (23/05/2019) inviting Nominations

Full Council Meeting

13 April 2019

Details of next full council meeting

Statements of Persons Nominated in 2nd May 2019 Local Elections

04 April 2019

List of Nominees for May Elections

Installation of FOUR Defibrillator Units in the Parish

23 July 2018

FOUR new defibrillator units are installed at: The Uxbridge Arms, The Pakistani Community Centre, The Scrumptious Café and The Branston Arms.

Could You Be A Parish Councillor? Come along tonight and observe a meeting!

12 July 2018

Are you interested in becoming more involved in your community but do not know how?

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