Contact Us

Clerk - Mrs Emma Coleman                                                    Email: 
Anglesey Parish Council
The Yews, Branston Road
Tatenhill, Burton on Trent                                                       Tel: 01283 538983, Mobile 07500 827193
Staffordshire, DE13 9SA

The Parish Council wishes to be accessible to all those who live in the parish of Anglesey (Burton upon Trent), and so provides a number of opportunities for members of the public to make contact.

Making informal contact

Telephone numbers for the Clerk and Councillors are listed on this page and you can contact them if you have a concern or question that you would like to discuss. Please respect family life and avoid ringing at awkward times.

You can also email the Parish Council Clerk with a question or a request for information.

Making formal contact

If you would like a formal answer to a question, or wish to make a point to the whole Council, then writing a letter is the best solution. Your letter should be sent to the Clerk at the above address.

Alternatively, you are welcome to attend one of the Parish Council meetings (the schedule is below) each of which starts at 7.00pm with a public session during which you can ask questions and raise any issues. 


Sadaquit Hanif

Nadeen Hussain

Haseeb Ilyas

Kamron Mahfooz

Hina Khan

Atif Mahfooz

Gul Razak

Merherban Rehman

Mohammed Tanvir

Hazel Woods



Regular Meetings of Council are held on the second Thursday in the month and usually commence at 7.15pm following a public participation opportunity at 7.00 pm

The scheduled meeting dates and venues are  on the noticeboard.